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I don’t really know how to do this. 

It feels weird to ask you for money, so I can go on a trip. Anytime I’ve traveled in the past, it’s been pretty much an investment in myself. 

But this is different. 

This trip is an investment in a group of really wonderful kids.

How do I know they’re wonderful?

—Because I’ve met them. My sister lived with them for a year, and we got to talk with them on Skype. (“Nice time.”)

—Because I’ve been sponsoring the lovely Esther for the past year, and writing letters back and forth with her. She’s in 6th grade now, and smart as a whip. (That is pretty smart, you know.)

—Because my niece, Rinah. (Enough said.) 

They’re amazing. They’ve changed my family’s life. (And if you visit ChildrensHeritageFoundation.org, you can meet them for yourself.) 

So it’s totally worth the discomfort of asking people for money.

But I didn’t feel comfortable writing the standard “there are two ways you can support me in this trip…the first is through prayer, the second is [what I really have been getting at with the previous four paragraphs of spiritual rhetoric]” letter.

So I made a music video, instead. 

Uganda Playground Fundraiser from Chelsea Batten on Vimeo.


Donate here.


So why build them a playground?

Because kids in Uganda have a hard life, even when their basic needs are provided. They’re kind of trained to adjust that life quickly, to grow up as soon as possible.

I suppose some might say that’s practical—even beneficial. Maybe they would be right.

But these kids haven’t had much opportunity to just be children. Many of them haven’t learned how to cry, or receive affection, or play without inhibition. 

Having someone from far away come to their neighborhood, for no reason other than to give them a little playtime, is maybe one of the most helpful and nurturing things they could receive.

We’re encouraging them to be children by giving them a place for it. And who knows what else might happen along the way.

I can’t wait to see.

Please could you kick a little money my way, as an investment in these children? 

Go here to donate.

For more information about these kids and what we’re preparing for them, visit here, or here, or here, or here.

P.S. If you’d rather drop a check in the mail, the address is 

Children’s Heritage Foundation

Re: Uganda Trip July 20-31, 2012

991-C Lomas Santa Fe Drive

PMB 427

Solana Beach, CA 92075

  • If you want to learn more about Children’s Heritage Foundation, the organization that’s organizing the trip, click here or here.
  • If you want to ask me questions, holler@chelseabatten.com.  (I don’t do bar mitzvahs.)

Donate here.

Oh, and thanks for watching. 

Oh, and donate here.

— — —

Fundraising update here.

My deepest thanks to friends, family, and far-flung acquaintances for their legendary generosity. 

Two more days, $800 more dollas to raise. We can do it.

— — —

Fundraising update here. Things are looking good; donations are still needed. Get us there!

— — —

Made it there. Follow the building progress here on tumblr, or here.

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Due to infrequent internet and the slowness of emotional processing, the Uganda trip updates are staggered throughout this blog. You can find them via the following links:

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It’s a wrap.

Thank you for giving to this project. You made something truly special happen this summer.