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How Does That Sound? - Frickin Edition

Things people said, that I thought you should hear.


Only in this case, it’s all from one person. The name he wants you to know him by is Frick. (More on that later.) He has a mesmerizing podcast called Frickin Circus.

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“It isn’t normal to know what we want. It is a rare and difficult psychological achievement.”

—   Abraham Harold Maslow

Who wants to make a website header?


Big, big things.

My homies at Storybyte (in Scottsdale, Az.) have redesigned The Connoisseurs site. It’s ever so fancy, in that comment il faut minimalist kind of way. I can’t wait to show it to you—I’m just silly with pride over it.

The only thing that the site needs, prior to being…

“Who dares despise the day of small beginnings?”

—   Zechariah 4.10

Rather than face the reality of their challenge—that they were going to have to spend thousands of doubt-choked hours working to improve and absorb tons of rejection and live in a state of economic and creative insecurity—they defaulted to a more convenient reality: that such anthologies are full of hacks whose success (as one student was later kind enough to explain to me) boils down to nepotism.

In other words, because they felt overmatched, they assumed a posture of superiority.

—   Steve Almond, Poets & Writers


For some reason, just before my senior year began, I threw the greater percentage of my caution to the wind and began to spend.

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How Does That Sound?

Stuff people said to me, that I thought you should hear.


I can’t believe I put myself in this situation, but the great thing about America is you don’t have to flee from a war-torn country (yet), so all problems seem manageable in that light. —Mimi

Why do I need to have a place beaten into me? —John

A real woman has secrets. —Laurel

You know how they say ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade?’ Well, the good news is, there’s always lemons. —David

At our age…really, past the age of 19…nobody’s looking for just friends. —Erin

I think sometimes emotional laziness can save our lives. —Hunter

The Artist Who Forgives – A Deeper Story

The Deeper Story blog collective is getting a lot of press lately.

People are calling it “decidedly post evangelical” and “unorthodox,” saying that its writers show “a remarkable absence of diversity” and praising the “surprising lack of substantial, even profound differences” and “unapologetically liberal bend” of its content.

What are you waiting for? Get on that.

My posts can be found here—new ones each month.

Dear cute freelancer guy from New Mexico,

Come all over the world with me. Don’t be afraid of it—just come. I think you’d like it.

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