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Band Names: A Continuing List

  • East Egg Lights
  • Tacky Annie
  • Mystery Tuber
  • Drunken Forethought 
  • Laid Back Bride

The Noun Shop
SE Belmont Street

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Reprint: "Attack of the Six-Pack Childbearers

A Deeper Story just republished my snarkfest about “Fit Moms” and “real woman”-hood from almost a year ago.

Some of the comments coming in are pretty good: 

  • This post screams for the need for BALANCE.”
  • Hilarious. Well done”
  • "I wanted to read this and be enlightened, but it was just… vicious."
  • "Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all just be who we are without the name-calling, either out loud or in our heads?"
  • This is satire. She is exaggerating both sides of this “war” to show how degrading and unhelpful it is to be shaming others for what they choose…”
  • "It came across as vicious and mean-spirited … Even satire should be infused with grace.”

So. Yeah.

How Does That Sound?

Stuff people said to me, that I thought you should hear.

That whole “settled down” thing? I’ve never felt more settled down by being married. —David

Pittsburgh is the west coast of the east coast, and the east coast of the Midwest. —Gina

It’s the most intimate way of getting into someone’s private selfhood. If you can control what kind of underwear someone buys, and whether they masturbate when they’re wearing it, you have the most intimate level of control over them. You’re in their lives in the most intimate way. It’s not about what you do; it’s about who you are. —Linda

It’s a lot easier to do something scary when you know somebody loves you. —Taylor

You don’t deserve good cocktails if you don’t like good women. —Laurel

You guys are so lucky you don’t have adolescence! —Mariella

Dear cute guy from Jackson Hole,

The worst most wonderful thing that could have happened to me, just did.

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Pictures I Didn’t Take


It’s the kind of place that would be utterly miserable in the rain and cold, and nothing but dreary the rest of the time.

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I Liked Being Skinny


Whenever I check into a fancy hotel, the first thing I do is shuck off my clothes and reach for the robe.

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How Does That Sound? - Frickin Edition

Things people said, that I thought you should hear.


Only in this case, it’s all from one person. The name he wants you to know him by is Frick. (More on that later.) He has a mesmerizing podcast called Frickin Circus.

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“It isn’t normal to know what we want. It is a rare and difficult psychological achievement.”

—   Abraham Harold Maslow